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About Millionaire Marketing International

June 15, 2010

Millionaire Marketing International (MMI) was founded in 1989 to market the now world famous IAM Million Dollar Bill products, and in 1995 they began working with a wholesale advertising broker that sold them ad space in the major USA Airline In-Flight mags at “extreme discounted rates”. Over the next 5 years, MMI placed their half page display ads each month in the major airline in-flight magazines and sold millions of dollars of their products via that little known proprietary marketing channel, which they kept in-house exclusively for their own use and benefit.

In 2008, MMI began selling this “extreme discounted rates” advertising in the airline in-flight magazines to hundreds of independent business owners each month on a co-operative basis, and they created rapid and massive success for those companies continuing through the first half of 2010. MMI designed visually powerful display ads that drove over 1.5 million visitors to the lead capture websites they custom designed, which effectively converted from 20% to 42% of them into hot prospect leads and registered customers. Once again, MMI kept the identity and contact info of their wholesale ad broker confidential, and this proprietary marketing channel remained exclusively for the use of their select clients, and they did not offer the service to the outside world.

Then in June of 2010, MMI began representing this wholesale ad broker, and they started using LinkedIn and other social media networks to let the business community worldwide know about this powerful proprietary marketing channel using the same uniquely innovative, “extreme discounted rates” advertising programs in the airline in-flight magazines and other major national US business and consumer magazines.

Over the past 16 years, the wholesale advertising broker that MMI represents has grown to become one of the largest suppliers of advertising to this industry, through client referrals only. They sell and place over 1,000 pages of ads per year in all 10 of the largest airline in-flight magazines and 5 of the highest circulation US business magazines currently published. This has enabled the wholesale ad broker to leverage this tremendous buying power so that MMI can provide their clients with opportunities to advertise at these “extreme discounted rates” that they have never seen or had access to before.

Major Airline In-flight Magazines are one of the best kept secrets for reaching a well-educated, ideal demographic and affluent audience. When passengers board a plane, they each have a copy of the in-flight magazine in their seat pockets. This instantly creates a “captive” audience of up to 60 million “new” travelers each month for MMI’s advertisers and allows their clients to target this enormous number of business and leisure travelers. In fact, with just one of the largest airlines in-flight magazine, you can reach over 12 million “new” passengers each and every month.

The wholesale ad broker that MMI represents places over 100 pages of advertising each month in 15 major US domestic and international airline in-flight magazines. This substantial volume allows the broker to negotiate these “extreme discounted rates” that an advertiser could never obtain on their own. With MMI, you also have one point of contact for your multiple magazine ad placements, invoicing, payment and artwork submission requirements, because MMI does it all for you.

For the past 4 years MMI has worked with one of the most successful display ad graphic design and Website design companies in the world. MMI can refer your business to this company, if you need and/or want to utilize an improved visually powerful display ad and/or a much more effective high conversion lead capture Website in your advertising campaigns.

Whether you want your your advertising to achieve massive and rapid direct response or national and international positive name brand recognition, MMI is now offering successful businesses around the world this powerful smart marketing alternative, with the most cost-effective and strategic ad placement capability in the industry.

Contact MMI now to find out if your business qualifies for these “extreme discounted rates”.

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