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Tari Steward Millionaire Marketing Guru Launches Massive Marketing Machine Website

August 5, 2010

Tampa-St. Petersburg-Clearwater, FL (1888PressRelease) April 09, 2010 – Tari Steward (, 37 year marketing veteran and millionaire marketing guru, launches the Massive Marketing Machine Co-Op website at for network marketers and team leaders wanting thousands of hot prospect leads to rapidly increase their business success.

The Massive Marketing Machine Co-Op website covers the unique and successful, combination of offline advertising and online marketing that reaches an immense audience of up to 50 million new airline travelers each month driving a large percentage of them online to visit a “lead capture” website. The “lead capture” website statistically converts from 25% to 38% of its visitors to hot prospect leads, resulting in positive numbers for the distributors who are Co-Op participants along with their Network Marketing Company.

“The advertising co-op is a proven way for a large group of smart Network Marketing business people to join together and co-operate by pooling their advertising funds so that they can each afford to participate in extremely effective and very expensive massive advertising campaigns as a group and get massive results in terms of hot prospect leads,” says Steward.

Steward goes on to explain that there are two essential elements for successful advertising. The first element is doing a correct survey of the target audience. The second element is utilizing the “Go Buttons” from the surveys in designing the text and images for the full page ads and the “lead capture” website.

MLM and Network Marketing Industry leaders’ credit Steward with many innovative marketing creations starting in the mid 90’s with the now famous, single audio tape entitled “The Ray Cassano Tape”. This novel and extremely effective recruiting tool of the day started the MLM audio tape revolution, which propelled many major MLM companies into great success as they used audio tapes to promote their products and opportunities.

Other successes include Steward’s marketing campaign for Ad Cash Generator that resulted in taking that 16 month old company who, in January 2008, was earning under $100,000 a month in sales revenues to earning $50,000,000 (50 Million Dollars plus) each month by the end of July 2008. And, his marketing campaign for a European based Dubli Network, whose massive marketing campaign is customer driven not distributor driven, has resulted in a 37% conversion rate of visitors to leads and a 44% conversion rate of leads to customers. These continuing conversion rates are unheard of in the world of both online marketing and offline advertising, and illustrate the power and effectiveness of Steward’s marketing talent.

Tari Steward ( ), creator of the Massive Marketing Machine Co-Op program, is the founder and President of Millionaire Marketing International located in Clearwater, FL. For the last 16 years, Steward has been operating as a Marketing Success Consultant to MLMs, Network Marketing companies and major Team Leaders to help them gain success faster. He designs and sells recruiting tools, marketing tools, testimonial websites, lead capture websites, promotional emails, as well as designing and producing audio tapes, online videos, and many other offline and online marketing tools and systems. Steward is also the founder of the International Association of Millionaires (I.A.M.) ® and is the Chief Artist and Designer of the I.A.M. Million Dollar Bill.

The multi-faceted international entrepreneur is also an accomplished fine artist, writer, motivational speaker and humanitarian visionary. He spends his free time with his wife and two children, while also studying philosophy and practicing philanthropy with his favorite charities and social betterment groups.

For more information about Steward and the Massive Marketing Machine Co-Op visit

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