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About Tari Steward

For the past 37 years, Tari Steward has built a unique and impressive international reputation as a well-known professional, initially as a successful Artist in the fields of Fine Art and Graphic Design. He taught himself how to market and sell his own “Ultra-Art Paintings” by doing private showings of his Art, and he sold over 300 original paintings from 1973 to 1985.

He then continually expanded his success with businesses in the fields of Marketing, Advertising and Direct sales. In 1987, he founded the International Association of Millionaires (I.A.M.), and he is the Artist-Designer of the now world famous and extremely popular I.A.M. Million Dollar Bill products.

Since 1989 Tari has been the President and Creative Director of Millionaire Marketing International (MMI), which began as an extremely successful Mail Order Marketing company, selling all 825,000 of the Limited Edition I.A.M. Million Dollar Bills in over 50 countries around the world by the year 2000. Tari is completing his long awaited auto-biography entitled, “The Million Dollar Adventure”, which will be published in 2011.

For the past 16 years he has also been successfully operating as a Marketing Consultant in the exciting fields of Network Marketing, Multi-Level Marketing, Internet Marketing, Affiliate Marketing and Direct Sales, and he has helped thousands of independent business owners to have more success faster.

Tari is considered a Marketing Genius by his long time business associates, and he has created and enjoyed great success as a Free Enterprise Entrepreneur in many different fields since 1973. He lives with his family in Florida.

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